Opportunities to fund and support your global activities Grants

Penn has an abiding responsibility to ensure that the University community—including its faculty, staff, students, and alumni—meaningfully engage with the world. Penn is therefore committed to providing the necessary resources and services in order to bring the world to Penn and Penn to the world, and to advance University's preeminence as a global institution.

Penn offers numerous resources and services to support the global endeavors of the University community, and it strives to continuously enhance its mechanisms for support. Included among these support mechanisms are a variety of grant opportunities that offer financial and logistical support for Penn faculty, staff, and students. We encourage you to learn more about the grants offered by Penn Global, and reach out to the Office of Global Initiatives to learn about other similar opportunities available across campus. 

Professor Yuchi Han leads a workshop at the Penn Wharton China Center in July 2019 for her CREF project, "Penn China Cardiovascular Imaging Project."
For Penn Faculty and Staff
China Research and Engagement Fund

The Penn China Research and Engagement Fund (CREF) is a five-year, $10 million competitive matching research/event funding program. CREF supports Penn faculty- and staff-led activities that advance the interdisciplinary study, teaching, and engagement of China. 

The IREF project “The Inhabited Sea,” led by Nikhil Anand in the School of Arts and Sciences and Anuradha Mathur in the School of Design, examines in part how populations such as the dock workers of Mumbai (pictured above) understand and negotiate their relationship with the rising seas that surround them. Photo by Rudolph A. Furtado, from Wikimedia Commons.
For Penn Faculty and Staff
India Research and Engagement Fund

The Penn India Research and Engagement Fund (IREF) is a competitive grant program designed to stimulate and support activity in and on India with a goal of positioning Penn as a key contributor toward the generation of transformative and impactful ideas on major debates in India. 

Pictured above: Global Engagement Fund 2018 project titled, "Energy and Comfort Assessment of Mongolian Ger Dwellings, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia," led by William B. Braham, Professor of Architecture and the Director of the Center for Environmental Building Design. Source: Penn Today.
For Penn Faculty & Staff
Global Engagement Fund

Our longest-standing program, the Global Engagement Fund is a competitive grant program that seeds creative, faculty-driven projects that will catalyze entrepreneurial research or initiatives in a global context and position Penn as a leader of global research and intellectual innovation.

Other Funding Opportunities

Perry World House offers a broad range of grant and fellowship opportunities for students and scholars alike to advance research on policy-relevant global topics. Check out their grants and other opportunities. 

Penn Abroad also offers funding and support opportunities for students and faculty, including the Global Research and Intership Program (for Penn undergraduate and graduate students) and Penn Global Seminars (for Penn faculty and staff). 


If you have any questions or feedback regarding any of the funding opportunities highlighted above, please let us know! Contact Penn Global at global@upenn.edu with your inquiry and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.