School of Arts and Sciences Jere Behrman

Kenan Professor of Economics and Sociology

Jere Behrman, PhD, Kenan Professor of Economics and Sociology at Penn, researches economic development, early childhood development, labor economics, human resources (education, training, health, nutrition), demography, household behaviors, life-cycle and intergenerational relations and policy evaluation.  He has published ~400 articles (primarily in leading general and field economic journals, also in leading demographic, sociology, nutritional and biomedical journals) and 33 books.  He has worked with numerous international organizations, researched or lectured in over 40 countries (including 13 in LAC), principal investigator on over 75 research projects and received various honors, including the 2008 biennial Carlos Diaz-Alejandro Prize for outstanding research contributions to Latin America and a  2011 Doctor Honoris Causa from the Universidad de Chile.

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