The Rise of the City in China

Principal Investigator: Susan Wachter, Sussman Professor of Real Estate

Lead School: The Wharton School (Department of Real Estate)

Penn Partners: The Wharton School (Department of Management)

Chinese Partners: Peking University

Project Abstract

On November 4th, 2016, the Penn Wharton China Center and the Penn Institute for Urban Research held a conference on “The Rise of the City in China,” at the Penn Wharton China Center  in Beijing. The event was organized with support from the Penn China Research and Engagement Fund and the China Real Estate Association. Over 60 Chinese and international academics and practitioners among which a number of Penn alumni took part in the event.

The event was structured around three panels that featured recent and ongoing research that contributes to our understanding of the past present and future of cities in China and globally. The presenters included urban scholars and practitioners based at Penn, in China, in Singapore, and Europe. The first panel was titled “Historical Price Indices: What Can We Learn From Them About the Development of Cities and Housing Prices”. The second panel: “The Rise of the City: The Role of Price Indices.” And the third: “Where to Build, What to Build, and How to Build: Design for Smart Cities.”

The organizers anticipate convening additional conferences through their CREF funding, through which they aim to build a community of scholars at the intersection of disciplines that inform processes of urbanization. They plan to disseminate this knowledge through Penn Institute for Urban Research (IUR) publications.