Sampath Kannan, School of Engineering & Applied Science The Safe Internet of Things

Full Project Title

The Safe Internet of Things: A tri-faceted collaboration

Principal Investigator

Sampath Kanaan
Computer and Information Science (CIS), 
School of Engineering and Applied Science

Project Abstract

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of computing devices embedded in both everyday objects (such as thermostats, fridges, and wearables) and in life-critical systems (such as medical device implants, connected transportation, industrial automation and the smart grid). IoT enriches our lives, but presents new challenges. Decisions made by these and other decision-making artificial intelligence systems should be seen to be fair, accountable, transparent, and ethical (fate). The fate of technology should be addressed in its design, by formally verifying these properties, and it should be monitored as the technology is deployed, using the data it generates.  Block chains are one promising approach for ensuring accountability and transparency. Through this project, Penn Engineering in partnership with leading institutions in India, will begin unpacking this area of rapidly growing interest by clustering project activities around three thrusts: research, online education, and innovation. Key activities of the project will include an annual Penn Technology Innovation Summit.