Knowledge Building Innovation Network in Greater China: Education Towards a Sustainable Future

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Bodong Chen

School Affiliation: Graduate School of Education
Country or Region Engaged: China
Fund: China Research Engagement Fund
Year Awarded: 2023-24
Expertise: Education, Climate Change, Sustainability

The project aims to launch a Knowledge Building Innovation Network (KBIN) to support K-12 teachers in Greater China to create innovative ways to integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals in school curriculum following the Knowledge Building pedagogy. By centering students’ natural curiosity and creativity, Knowledge Building presents a refreshing vision of education that stands in sharp contrast against direct instruction and standardized testing emphasized in many education systems. This project responds to a strong interest in alternative visions of education in Greater China. Following the design-based implementation research approach, the KBIN will bridge Penn and two university-school partnerships in Nanjing and Taipei, engaging teachers, school leaders, and researchers in generating actionable plans to integrate Knowledge Building and sustainability in their schools. The project will integrate expertise across Penn schools to create a model of educational change and generate insights into scaling Knowledge Building and sustainability education in a global context.