Local Histories of Climate Change in the Horn of Africa

Holman Africa Research and Engagement Fund

Lee Cassanelli

School Affiliation: School of Arts and Sciences
Country or Region Engaged: Africa
Fund: Holman Africa Research and Engagement Fund
Year Awarded: 2022-23
Expertise: Anthropology, Natural Science, Climate Change, History
While a handful of dedicated naturalists and environmental activists in Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Kenya have reported on the impacts of environmental change at ground level, the results have neither been assembled and systematically compared across the Horn of Africa, nor incorporated into global discussions of mitigation strategies. Cassanelli will organize a series of virtual workshops that will put local African experts in dialogue with natural and social scientists from Penn to raise awareness and establish a collective research agenda to promote joint research projects that integrate indigenous knowledge with regional and international expertise.