Export Control

Export control laws (ECLs) are federal regulations that govern how information, technologies, and commodities can be transmitted to anyone internationally, including U.S. citizens, or to foreign nationals in the United States, and prohibit the unlicensed export of certain items and services. Generally, most academic international collaborations, shipments, and/or travel will not require a license; however, a license determination depends on several factors. The Export Compliance Office in the Office of Research Services can help make this determination.

License Determinations for International Shipments
  • What is the item?

  • Where is the item going?

  • Who is receiving it?

  • What will it be used for?

For more information visit the Shipment Decision Tree

License Determinations for International Activities

The Office of Research Services should be contacted if Penn-owned equipment is involved or the travel involves Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, or the Crimea Region of the Ukraine.

  • Where are you going?

  • What are you taking?

  • Who are you working with?

  • What is the intended end result of the collaboration/trip?

Important Export Control Resources

For additional resources visit the Forms & Documents Library (choose Export Compliance in the Areas of Service tab) provided by the Office of Research Services. You can also reach out to expctrl@lists.upenn.edu with questions. 

For more information:
Jessica Buchanan
Director of Export Compliance
Office of Research Services
+1 215.573.8817

Destination Specific Compliance

Compliance requirements can vary by country and it is important to understand particular sanctions, rules and embargoes on particular destinations.