Below are just a few examples of FCPA cases and the penalties enforced upon companies.

Teva Pharmaceuticals - agreed to pay $519 million to settle parallel civil and criminal charges that it paid bribes to foreign government officials in Russia, Ukraine, and Mexico. (Dec. 2016)

JP Morgan - agreed to pay $264 million to settle charges that it corruptly influenced government officials and won business in the Asia-Pacific region by giving jobs and internships to their relatives and friends. (Nov. 2016)

GlaxoSmithKline - agreed to pay a $20 million penalty to settle charges that it violated the FCPA when its China-based subsidiaries engaged in pay-to-prescribe schemes to increase sales. (Sept. 2016)

Novartis AG – agreed to pay over $25 million penalty to settle the case involing improper giffts, travel and entertainment to healthcare providers. (March 2016)

PTC & Two Subsidiaries -  charged to pay more than $28 million to resolve allegations. Also, first ever deferred prosecution agreement with an individual in an FCPA case. (Feb. 2016)

Bristol-Myers Squibb -  agreed to pay more than $14 million to settle charges of improper payments to obtain sales. (Oct. 2015)

Avon Products Inc. -  agreed to pay $135 million to settle the SEC charges and a parallel criminal case. (Dec. 2014)