Global Research & Internship Program

Funding & Financial Guidelines

Many students find that spending 8 to 12 weeks abroad in the summer with the Global Research & Internship Program makes good financial sense. While these placements are mostly unpaid, Penn Abroad provides funding awards to help offset program costs and make your internship experience possible.

While the GRIP is a non-credit bearing opportunity and is thus not eligible for financial aid, students participating in either pre-approved GRIP placements or Funding-Only opportunities and who receive financial aid may be eligible to participate in the Penn Summer Waiver Award Program. Eligible students can receive a waiver for all or part of their summer savings expectation for the upcoming academic year. We are happy to provide the necessary documentation for the waiver application. Please visit the SRFS website to read more information about the program and to access the application for this summer.

All students who are placed in one of our pre-approved internship or research opportunities will be given a GRIP Funding Award.  These funding awards are intended to help offset the cost of round-trip travel, living expenses, visa costs, etc., but are not meant to cover the entire experience. Each pre-approved placement has a set GRIP Funding Award, which can be found on the “Money Matters” tab of each program brochure.

Additional funding is available through the GRIP application for students applying to pre-approved placements and who identify as one or more of the following:

*Highly Aided students who are accepted to a GRIP placement and who are rising juniors or seniors in Summer 2019 will receive a GRIP Funding Award of 100% of the Total Estimated Cost.  This funding is provided jointly by Penn Global and Student Financial Services. A student is considered Highly Aided if their family has $65,500 or less in income (with typical assets) and their Parent Contribution is $4,500 or less.  Eligible students will see a special message noting their Highly Aided status on their financial aid award within Penn In Touch.

All eligible students accepted to an internship or research opportunity outside of the United States for 8 to 12 weeks in the summer are encouraged to apply for funding. As funding awards are especially competitive, not all applicants will be awarded funding, and awards are granted on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.  

Funding-Only is typically a partial funding source, and we encourage applicants to seek additional external funding sources as well. For example, Career Services and the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF) have summer funding opportunities that can be applied to your summer program.

Apply for funding through one of the following options:

GRIP funding awards are taxable. The payment of an award to a student recipient will be reported as Miscellaneous Income.

For U.S. Citizens: No taxes are withheld from these payments, although the university does report the payments to the IRS and the student on form 1099-MISC.

For Foreign Nationals: Awards will be subject to a withholding of up to 30%. Information regarding a potential income tax treaty exemption from withholding will be reviewed by the tax office prior to the award disbursement.