CAS, Fall 2019 Alessandro Marinaro

EAP: CAS, Fall 2019
From LUISS Guido Carli University

My Experience at Penn:

My exchange semester allowed me the opportunity to take full advantage of a campus with libraries, museums, and high-level sports facilities while studying, researching, and attending lectures at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. At Penn, I found the enriched, broad academic perspective vital for many disciplines of study. The exceptionally low student-to-faculty ratio allows students to engage in dialogue on a daily basis with world-class academic experts, making learning much more meaningful and effective. 

My exchange at Penn exposed me to the American educational system that differs, in a number of aspects, from the one that characterizes Continental Europe and Italy. I learned a lot from a system that gives a strong sense of belonging to students and that highly values active participation, autonomous research and take-home written production. These skills helped me build and add to my personal and academic toolbox.


  • Researching for a final dissertation at Penn

  • Attending lectures in College Hall

  • Making new friends and discovering other cultures

  • Training and playing tennis in Penn sports facilities

  • Having a roommate 

  • Student life at Penn

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