CAS '20 Alex Ciullo

SA: Ibero-American University of Mexico

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Ibero-American University of Mexico

Ask me about...

  • Petition application process

  • Taking classes in a foreign language

  • Choosing a location for study abroad

  • Navigating a city as large as Mexico City

My Experience Abroad:

Spending a semester in Mexico City and taking International Relations courses taught from a Mexican perspective greatly expanded my understanding of Mexico's foreign affairs, especially those involving the United States. Learning about my own country from another country's point of view was extremely eye-opening and has helped me approach U.S. affairs with a much more holistic, objective mindset. Time abroad is especially important for an International Relations major because it is essential to understand the factors that underlie states' relations with each other. Living in Mexico for 4 months helped me do exactly that; through coursework, travel, personal conversations, etc. I learned a ton about why and how Mexico operates the way it does, both domestically and internationally. My few months in Mexico City have greatly enhanced my understanding of and approach to International Relations.

Other Highlights:

  • Traveling throughout Mexico, especially to the beaches of Acapulco

  • Participating in ''El grito'' on Independence Day

  • Celebrating Día de los muertos in Mixquic (aka Coco in real life)

  • Eating the most delicious street food--and not getting sick!

  • Working directly with the 2018 migrant caravan as it passed through Mexico City

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