Wharton '22 Amy Yang

GRIP: Intern in Hong Kong

Programs Abroad:

  • Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP): Lynk Intern in Hong Kong

Ask me about...

  • Being abroad in Hong Kong during the widespread protests. A week after I arrived in Hong Kong, widespread protests against the Chinese extradition bill began. Being abroad during such a tumultuous time, it was both exciting and frightening. I learned a lot about Hong Kong's rich history and avoided protest areas thanks to emails from International SOS and texts from my Hong Kong coworkers.

  • Healthcare abroad. Also, I got a bad infection on my shins during my time abroad, but thankfully International SOS provided me with exceptional treatment and care. Future students can ask me about how the process for healthcare works, as well as how to handle unpredictable situations.

My Experience Abroad:

Interning at Lynk Global impacted my academic goals in a surprising way. As a business student, I always assumed I would go down the traditional route and get a banking job, but after my experience at Lynk - a startup that helps consulting firms find industry experts - I realized I really enjoyed the startup environment. This discovery has led me to pursue a CIS minor, as well as take courses on various topics that I conducted industry research on during my time at Lynk.

Other Highlights:

  • Going to RISE, the biggest tech conference in Asia

  • Traveling to nearby countries like Thailand and Taiwan

  • Experiencing the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Protest as it unfolded

  • Meeting and planning outings with the other interns from NYU, UChicago, Berkley, and Hong Kong University

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