CAS '20 Andy Nguyen

SA: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Programs Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ask me about...

  • Surviving Hong Kong and CUHK life as a non-Cantonese speaker

  • Traveling while abroad - I traveled to 15 other countries and regions in Asia during my time abroad

  • Best food and sightseeing spots in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia

  • Learning to step outside of my comfort zone in a completely foreign environment

My Experience Abroad:

During my time on exchange at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I was able to take many classes that explored the fundamental ethics and principles of technology and its interactions with society. Learning about these issues through the lens of Asia and the East really helped me to diversify my viewpoints and open my eyes to global issues and ramifications facing technology in the East. I was exposed to diverse viewpoints and opinions on technology and its impact on culture and society.

Other Highlights:

  • Meeting exchange students from all over the world

  • CUHK's beautiful campus in the New Territories

  • Traveling to almost every country in Asia

  • Learning about elephants and animal rights at a rescue shelter outside of Bangkok

  • The food. Anywhere and everywhere. It's amazing.

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