Anna Vickerman

EAP: Penn Nursing, Spring 2018
From the University of Queensland, Australia

My Experience at Penn:

I found that what I learnt here was both complementary to my learning at home, and really pushed me to learn and adapt. I found the hospital setting - the role of the nurse, how the unit was managed, the patient conditions - very different to home, yet enough was familiar that I found my feet quickly. It really taught me that I can manage in a new environment and can adapt to new challenges. I had the opportunity to work in many different environments with different teams - different wards, surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, imaging, midwifery, etc. I had an amazing amount of support in the clinical and academic fields. The way classes are taught is different to what I am used to, and I loved how individualized and involved it is here. I feel like I am returning home a better nurse because of my time at Penn Nursing.

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