SEAS, Fall 2018 Augusto Rayes

EAP: SEAS, Fall 2018
From the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires

My Experience at Penn:

Mainly the classes were amazing. I personally chose classes in which I was going to work in teams. Furthermore, I personally appreciated and determined myself to take part in classes where the students were encouraged to discuss among themselves and with the professors. Finally, I must highlight that there was a wide variety of courses.


  • I, personally, joined the Penn Catholic Community. This is a wonderful community where you should not necessarily be Catholic to go. I met awesome people that now are my best friends and thanks to them my exchange experience was unique. They are all willing to receive you with open and warm arms. 

  • I also went to the Niagara Falls with a friend and Buffalo.

  • I joined the club "Beyond Consent" where we learnt about the importance and beauty of dating people with responsibility and care in order to make strong relationships that will become strong marriages. 

  • Finding or joining a team of the sports you practice at your homeschool

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