College '23 Bebe Hodges

SA: University of Cambridge, Pembroke College, UK


  • SA: University of Cambridge, Pembroke College, UK

Ask me about...

  • Adjusting to the supervision system: learning how to work one-on-one with a professor was hard!

  • Traveling for five weeks around Europe during spring break.

  • Securing an internship that starts at the end of June (when Cambridge’s six-month program finishes.)

My Experience Abroad:

The most unique experience that Pembroke College, University of Cambridge offers is the supervision system, which tasks students to learn by working one-on-one with a professor throughout their course of study. The opportunity to work this closely with a professor allows you to modify the course to fit your needs.  During supervision, you can explore topics that you are passionate about, choose projects that fit your interests and create a plan to directly address skills that need improvement.

In my first term at Cambridge, I studied media anthropology, a topic that combined topics in both of my majors: communication and cultural anthropology. The following term, I got to choose to write a dissertation, which gave me the opportunity to conduct ethnographic research under the supervision of my professor for the entire term. It was such a rewarding experience getting to explore a topic that I’m passionate about and have one-on-one assistance throughout the process. Throughout the semester, I also focused on improving my writing skills, which was important for my career goals – I hope to be a journalist.

Other Highlights:

  • Writing my dissertation: the experience was deeply rewarding and therapeutic for me.

  • Growing my confidence: moving to a new country and traveling solo makes you trust yourself and shows you are capable of more than you thought!

  • Exploring career opportunities: I traveled to Sardinia, Italy, to write a journalism story on the University of Cincinnati’s archaeology dig for my hometown newspaper.

  • Making some of the best friends I’ve ever met: The kind that will get ice cream with you at Jack’s Gelato whenever you want, stay up until 4 am with you writing your dissertation, laugh so hard you cry together in the library, cram in a villa in Ibiza, have “family dinners” together, throw you a 22nd birthday party, host movie nights, pull April Fools Jokes on each other in Milan, go to an Olivia Rodrigo concert in Paris with you, and grow closer than you can imagine.

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