Bernadette Hodges

Portrait of Bernadette
University of Cambridge, Pembroke College
Communication & Anthropology '23

Bebe Hodges is majoring in communication and anthropology with a concentration in cultural anthropology. As an anthropology major, she can’t wait to spend six months in a different culture, studying social anthropology at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Here at Penn, she is the editorial director for The WALK Magazine, Penn’s fashion magazine, and has been involved in The Daily Pennsylvanian and 34th Street Magazine. She also previously assisted with narrative nonfiction research through the English department. Currently, she freelances as a feature writer and columnist for the newspaper and magazine back home in Cincinnati. In her free time, Bebe loves following current events, journaling, reading (YA contemporary fiction, please), and talking to anyone and everyone she meets.

During her upcoming semester, she is looking forward to…

  • Immersing herself in British culture

  • Gaining exposure to a unique way of learning through Cambridge’s supervision system

  • Understanding how social anthropology (a British discipline) differs from cultural anthropology (an American discipline)

  • Meeting people from all over the world and hearing their stories

  • Documenting every moment

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