Carly Ryan

University of Otago
Computer Science '21

Born and raised in San Francisco, Carly is in the school of engineering pursuing a degree in Computer Science with math and fine arts minors. Carly is also a proud committee member of the women in computer science and she illustrates for 34th St. Outside of class, she loves to cook, paint and spend time outside. Two summers ago, she worked as a prep cook at a camp where she was able to live in Yosemite for 10 weeks. Doing so on a whim inspired her to decide to go to the southern edge of the south island of New Zealand abroad. What this experience holds is something not fully known but she looks forward to exploring the terrain, learning more about Māori culture and, for the first time ever, living outside of a big city!

She can't wait to:

  • Hike, spend time outside, get to know New Zealand and hopefully try new things on her adventures (climbing, surfing... who knows!) 

  • Experience a STEM education halfway across the world and see if math truly is a universal language!

  • Get to know students from different cultures in her co-ed flat

  • Get to know the ins and outs of the university town of Dunedin 

  • Chronicle her experiences both for personal pleasure and as a Global Correspondent

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