Penn Nursing '19 Cecilia Wang

PGS: Multiple

Programs Abroad:

  • Penn Global Seminars (PGS): Environmental Health Issues, Travel to China

  • Penn Global Seminars (PGS): Religious Studies, Travel to Spain

Ask me about:

  • How to pack efficiently for traveling

  • Overloading in CUs to accommodate for the class and managing course load

My Experience Abroad:

Penn Global Seminars have been the highlight of my Penn experiences. Coming into Penn, I always knew that I wanted my studies to include abroad experiences. The courses I have taken: Environmental Health & Global Impacts (China), and Muslims, Christians, and Jews: Pilgrimage, Memory, and History in Spain have really enriched my coursework at Penn. The course that took me to China exposed me to the structure of different healthcare systems and the role of nurses and physicians in China. We learned about the impacts of lead and other environmental toxins on children, seeing first hand how physicians and nurses assess children for lead toxicity in the clinics. As a nursing student, it showed me the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine and how it can serve as an alternative/complementary medicine for patients. Penn Nursing has always emphasized the importance of being culturally competent nurses. We traveled to 5 different places in Spain (Madrid, Granada, Toledo, Seville, and Cordoba) learning about the history and stories that different groups had left in Spain through the architecture and historical landmarks. Through this course, I wanted to learn more about these individual religions and interactions between them so that I could learn more about the different traditions and cultures of the patient population I may serve in the future.

Other Highlights:

  • Experiencing my first flamenco show in Spain

  • Falling in love with paella 

  • Taking classes with Chinese students at Southeast University

  • Doing morning exercises with the elderly at a traditional Chinese medicine hospital

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