CAS, Year 2019 Christopher Louis

CAS, Year 2019
From the University of Edinburgh

Ask me about...

  • Joining a sporting society at Penn

  • Using Philadelphia as a base for travelling the US

  • Understanding the unique social scene of an Ivy League campus

My Experience at Penn:

My year at Penn provided the opportunity to study a series of fascinating courses under some extremely eminent academics. In particular, Prof. Walter McDougall (American diplomacy), Prof. Beth Simmons (international law) and Prof. Roxanne Euben (Islamist thought) made a great impact on me, and each in their own way changed how I understand history and politics. Studying at Penn also exposed me to a far greater range of careers than had previously seemed accessible. Through a research position in the Wharton School and attending as many events as I had time for, I met CEOs, ambassadors, jurists, politicians and many others, and by the end of the programme had a much clearer idea of what I want to achieve in my career. Most of all, my time at Penn was special because I spent it among a cadre of fellow exchange students from all over the world. All were incredibly bright, internationally minded, and interesting; I learnt at least as much from them as from my studies.

Other Highlights:

  • Taking up boxing in a home city of the sport and becoming Secretary of the Penn Boxing Club

  • Roadtripping through the American south, allowing me to see a very different but equally enthralling side of the US

  • Rushing back to Philly in the chaotic early days of the Coronavirus pandemic to pack my bags at just a few days' notice - not a highlight, as such, but if nothing else a memorable way to end a brilliant year

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