CAS '20 Christopher Mountanos

SA: University College London

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): University College London, England

Ask me about...

  • Doing recruitment while abroad

  • Anything!

My Experience Abroad:

One class I took abroad was called Human-Computer Interaction, which focuses on various design interfaces with technology and what to keep in mind while humans interact with them. This really hit on my interest within Cognitive Science of technology, product design, and psychology. The class was very interdisciplinary and reminiscent of classes at Penn, to give you multiple perspectives on one topic to approach a problem.

Other Highlights:

  • Running into Kate Middleton after class

  • Learning to be completely independent on another continent

  • Taking the time to really understand more about myself

  • Traveling to 7 different cities and learning about cultural differences through art and food

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