CAS, Year 2019 Conor Muller

EAP: CAS, Year 2019
From the University of York

My Experience at Penn:

The relationships you develop with your professors over the course of each semester is really unique to studying at Penn, and you should take every opportunity to take part and ask questions. You can even conduct your own research as part of your classes, and I feel like my professors were always there to support and ask questions of me just as I did of them.


  • Being the only exchange student from my home university at Penn/Arriving in a new city not yet knowing anyone

  • Exploring Philadelphia: Philadelphia itself was definitely a highlight of my time at Penn. It is really worth making the effort to venture outside of University City (where Penn's campus is located), even if you just head to a coffee shop in Center City to catch up on some work during a free afternoon.

  • Trips to Miami, Boston, New York City, and a road trip through the South for spring break with other exchange students left me with memories that I won't forget.

  • Last but not least, I made great friends at Penn and I can't wait to see them all again soon.

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