Dushaun Thompson

Portrait of Dushaun
Hitotsubashi University
Criminology & English '24

Dushaun Thompson is a rising senior in the College, studying English. Next fall, he will spend the semester in Tokyo, Japan, studying at Hitotsubashi University. While abroad, he is eager to learn more about foreign law and legal systems; this summer, he will be doing legal research in Portugal, and at Hitotsubashi, he plans to take courses relating to both Japanese and international law, as well as Japanese language and culture. Dushaun is a Questbridge Scholar, works at two libraries on campus, and is an editor for Q-INE Magazine. Raised in the Pocono Mountains, he loves to spend time in nature, hiking, and learning about the local flora and fauna. His other hobbies include reading novels and manga, language learning (three besides English!), and badminton. He has never left the North American continent before this year, so he hopes to discover more about himself and the world through his experiences abroad. 

While in Japan, he is looking forward to…

  • Using the speedy and pristine public transport (especially the Shinkansen!)

  • Climbing Mt. Fuji(?!)

  • Soaking in an onsen

  • Visiting the Super Nintendo World in Osaka

  • Going to live concerts in Tokyo

  • Forging lifelong connections with both international and domestic students

  • Tasting every dish possible!

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