CAS '20 Giovanna Paz

SA: IFSA-Butler Argentine Universities

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): IFSA-Butler Argentine Universities Program, Argentina

Ask me about...

  • Going abroad by myself for the first time

  • Taking all of my classes in Spanish, specifically Castellano

  • Choosing courses from four different public and private universities in the city

My Experience Abroad:

I took Spanish courses (language and literature) as well as a few Latin American and Latino studies classes prior to the program.  While studying in Buenos Aires, I took classes in Argentine history, politics, and cinema, which all deepened my academic interest in Latin America. 

Other Highlights:

  • I had a homestay in the Palermo neighborhood and had an incredible experience and a great relationship with my host mom (host grandma is more accurate).

  • Living in the capital was incredibly eventful. I went to local concerts frequently, walked to los Bosques with friends on sunny days, ate food in city-wide fairs, and so much more. During my semester in Buenos Aires, there was also the Youth Olympics, the G20 summit, and a major protest in favor of pro-abortion legislation.

  • I traveled with my program friends to Iguazú falls in the north (close to Brazil), the mountains in Jujuy (northwest Argentina), and around the Buenos Aires province. After the program ended, I took a solo trip to Patagonia for a week — an absolutely surreal moment in my life.

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