College '23 Henry Feldman

henry feldman
SA: University of Edinburgh, UK


  • SA: University of Edinburgh, UK

Ask me about...

  • Taking very interesting major classes that focused on wildlife found in Scotland/the UK

  • Learning to examine climate change issues in the US from an outside perspective

  • Hearing about people's personal climate change experiences from all over the world

My Experience Abroad:

The University of Edinburgh is full of modern departments (biology, environmental science, politics) but exists in an ancient city, where 1000-year-old buildings can be seen today. It is an excellent place for those who are not academically focused on history to explore both historic sites and modern European culture.

Other Highlights:

  • Visiting Rosslyn Chapel

  • Visiting the Scottish highlands

  • Visiting Arthur's Seat, an ancient volcano near Edinburgh

  • Visiting The Jazz Bar in Edinburgh

  • Traveling to Iceland (only a 1.5-hour flight!)

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