College '23 Indya Gettings

SA: CASA Barcelona: Spanish Universities Program, Spain


  • SA: CASA Barcelona: Spanish Universities Program, Spain

Ask me about...

  • Conducting classes for Barcelona residents learning English twice a week. 

  • Balancing additional activities and academic obligations while simultaneously securing an internship for when you return in the summer.

  • My experience as a Black woman in a European country and navigating the comments and/or treatment you might encounter in your host country of Spain and any other place you might visit.

My Experience Abroad:

One of the classes I took was called "Sociology of Law," which was interesting because I got to see how law and societal norms are connected and further affirm my interest in pursuing a career in the legal field. I also got to take a course called "Politics of Security and Prevention," which was a class that explored different security issues within Spain and discussed ways to combat them. I enjoyed this class because I plan to pursue a career in International Law and am always interested in hearing about the policies and security issues in other countries.

Other Highlights:

  • Going to Cadaqués with the program and seeing Dali's home and all of the really cool artwork.

  • The views and the walk along the beach.

  • Being able to explore the city and try new restaurants, bars, and clubs with my friends.

  • Having the opportunity to visit Ibiza for my birthday.

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