CAS' 20 Isabelle Levine

SA: University of Sydney

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): University of Sydney, Australia

Ask me about...

  • Living in an international dorm

  • Being abroad as a pre-med student

  • How to travel cheaply and effectively

My Experience Abroad:

As a BBB major, I knew it would be difficult to find classes I could get credit for while abroad. I decided to pursue classes in areas I hadn’t previously had the opportunity to take at Penn, or classes I thought I wouldn’t be able to take anywhere but University of Sydney. I took classes in government, gender studies, and Indigenous (Aboriginal) history and had some of the most unique and beneficial learning experiences I’ve ever had. It was amazing to be able to take courses for the sake of gaining knowledge instead of just filling major requirements! I particularly liked my Indigenous History class, which was taught and TA’d by Aboriginal Australians, and my Environmental Politics class, where I learned that issues of the environment and its relationship with capitalism and democracy are similar in Australia to issues we face here in the US. The University of Sydney is a global institution and I gained valuable perspectives from other students that I couldn’t have gained at Penn.

Other Highlights:

  • Exploring Sydney's amazing beaches, culture, food, and bars

  • Traveling all over Australia, including the east coast, Perth, and the outback

  • Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef

  • Road tripping through New Zealand, going hiking, swimming, and skydiving(!)

  • Weekend vacations with my friends to areas around Sydney like the Blue Mountains to explore the amazing nature

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