Jackie Shi

National University of Singapore
Political Science '21

Jackie is a member of the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Political Science and minoring in Sociology and Fine Arts. At Penn, she is involved in the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, SPEC, and Renewal College Fellowship. She’s also a student worker in the Undergraduate Admissions Office. During the spring of 2020, Jackie will be studying abroad at the National University of Singapore. She’s interested in exploring how the ethnic diversity and multiracialism of Singapore affect and shape its national policies and governance. Moreover, she’s curious as to how inequality takes form in Singapore, which is one of the most highly developed countries in the world. Originally from Queens, New York, Jackie is always on the search for good coffee and spicy food. In her free time, she enjoys bowling, hiking, and listening to records. 

What Jackie is looking forward to:

  • Figuring out what all the hype is about Singapore’s Changi Airport

  • Indulging in lots and lots of street food 

  • Filling up her passport with stamps from different countries in Southeast Asia  

  • Learning about politics from another country’s perspective 

  • Seeing how accurate Crazy Rich Asians is 

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