CAS '20 Jessica Liu

PGS: Travel to China
PSA: Penn-in-Tours

Programs Abroad:

  • Penn Global Seminars (PGS): Traditional Chinese Medicine, Travel to China

  • Penn Summer Abroad (PSA): Penn-in-Tours, France

Ask me about...

  • Traveling solo while abroad

My Experience Abroad:

Studying abroad through Penn-In-Tours was my first time visiting France and it completely changed my relationship with the language. Living and learning in a fully immersed environment allowed me to gain the confidence and familiarity to speak and write more fluently in the language. This definitely carried over into my French studies at Penn, and the course credits I earned pushed me to switch from a French minor to a French double major.

Exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine is a global seminar that expanded my view of Western medicine as a pre-med student. We closely analyzed clinical research and debated health policies, which develops critical thinking skills and an open mindset for a career in medicine. During our travel component to China, we visited hospitals to make clinical observations and receive hands-on training. It was extremely fascinating to see how the Chinese healthcare system and health culture differ from that of the United States.

Other Highlights:

  • Renting out a beach house on a barely populated island for a weekend

  • Having class in a cafe with coffee & croissants

  • Fire cupping my friend

  • Watching a ballet in Paris

  • Playing in an old people's exercise park

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