Nursing '20 Joelle Rushukuri

GRIP: Intern in Morocco

Program Abroad:

  • Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP): Hind Nejbah Intern in Rabat, Morocco

Ask me about...

  • My experience being in a homestay

  • Being a non-Muslim woman of color in an Islamic country

  • Working in an environment with a different/new working culture

  • Working/living in a French-speaking country

My Experience Abroad:

During my time in Rabat, Morocco, I had the opportunity to work in a public hospital where I was shadowing surgeons and nurses on a Thoracic Surgery floor. I learned a lot about Nursing and Medical surgery in general. It was also interesting to see how different the healthcare system is outside the United States.

Other Highlights:

  • Traveling in Morocco with other GRIP interns

  • Taking a trip to the Sahara Desert

  • Hiking in Morocco's Rif mountains to see the waterfalls of Akchour

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