College '23 Justin Moore

GRIP: Social Impact in Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • GRIP: Social Impact in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ask me about...

  • Living abroad for the first time

  • Planning weekend trips to other parts of Argentina

  • Living in a shared apartment with other international students

  • Adapting to the Argentine work culture

  • Getting involved with soccer in Buenos Aires

My Experience Abroad:

While abroad in Argentina, I was able to gain invaluable skills through living and working independently in an unfamiliar culture. I worked for a company called Matriarca where I did data analytics for their website. Apart from learning skills related to analytics, interning for a small business taught me how to work across various business functions to achieve our goals. This was especially interesting in combination with the language barrier and the more laid-back Argentine work environment. Each of these elements contributed to a rich learning experience as I found new ways of adapting and collaborating. In addition to working abroad, living abroad was just as rewarding. Going about my day as a local Argentine would gave me insight into different perspectives and different ways of living. I learned that maybe everything doesn’t have to be as fast-paced as things are in the US. Also, being able to hold my own in a foreign country with a different culture allowed me to gain a level of confidence and independence I never thought possible.

Other Highlights:

  • Going to a professional soccer (fútbol) game

  • Skiing on Cerro Catedral in Bariloche

  • Seeing the Iguazu Falls at the Argentina-Brazil border

  • Playing pickup soccer with local Argentines

  • Exploring the salt flats and the mountain range of the Calchaquí Valleys

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