CAS '19 Kathleen Eng

GRIP: Intern in Hong Kong

Program Abroad:

  • Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP): Science Workshop Intern in Hong Kong

Ask me about...

  • My first time in Asia 

  • Teaching abroad 

  • Having an abroad experience while pre-med

My Experience Abroad:

My time working at the Science Workshop in Hong Kong was invaluable to my Penn experience.  As a Biology major with an interest in medicine, I loved being able to practice teaching concepts I've learned and synthesized the information I've learned into ways that my students could understand and get excited about.  This experience also directly contributed to my work with a group I am a part of called Penn Science Across Ages where we teach science through experimental learning to students in West Philadelphia.  I gained new ideas for experiments and classroom management techniques I could bring from Hong Kong to Philadelphia. Furthermore, teaching in front of many students was a great opportunity to develop my presentation and public speaking skills, which have been extremely useful in my classes at Penn.

Other Highlights:

  • Bathing and feeding elephants in Thailand

  • Traveling to mainland China to teach my own lesson

  • Making lifetime friendships

  • Discovering local Hong Kong food and culture

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