CAS, Spring 2019 Kavya Singh

EAP: CAS, Spring 2019
From the University of Sydney

My Experience at Penn:

Penn has definitely given me the confidence to take more challenges and put myself out there. Here, there is always something happening (with free food!) on-campus, which makes it is easy to get involved in student life by being a part of various projects and clubs. 

Academically, Penn has led to a shift in my student perspective. It has taught me to keep up with my assignments since the professors are so passionate and are able to transfer the subject matter onto you with great excitement. Due to its amazing faculty and a small number of students in classes, it is crucial to participate in the discussions and gain personal feedback from your instructors. This allowed me to make conversations with more people, make friends and gain knowledge about settling in as well as the courses. It has also led me to focus down on my career interests in the field of macroeconomics, giving me the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and interests in order to gain clarity on what my next steps after graduating might be. In the long run, my experience at Penn has changed my life. It has made me more independent, welcoming, humble and strong. 


  • Undertaking research at Penn

  • The Penn Community: Though initially, it is difficult to break into the social circle, Penn students love to meet exchange students. Just charm them through your accents and you are good to go! I got to meet some of the most amazing people plus the exchange student cohort was super friendly, often sticking together and creating memories of a lifetime. 

  • Traveling to Mexico and the Bahamas--I went to Cancun and Nassau for spring break. It was a surreal experience. We snorkeled, felt the sun, took in the different local cultures, and ate good food!

  • Traveling within the US--I went to NY, DC, and all the way to the East Coast as well as Texas.

  • Student life differences between America and Australia as well as India

  • Local on-campus activities--Spring fling weekend, Hey Day, Wharton formal, Penn Lunch program, and other Penn Abroad excursions made weekends super busy and fun.

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