Wharton, Fall 2018 Kelvin Fan

EAP: Wharton, Fall 2018
From Singapore Management University

My Experience at Penn:

I mainly took upperclassmen classes and learnt a great deal from both the professors and guest lectures that they brought to class. It really deepened my interest and understanding in the areas of finance and consulting. I also took a class where I had the opportunity to consult for a healthcare growth company in the Philly area. At the same time, I was recruiting here and will be starting my career as a consultant back home. All in, I made immense progress on both academic and career fronts, and I couldn't have asked for a better exchange experience!


  • Academic and recruiting experience

  • MBA mentorship with Wharton GUIDE

  • Joining professional student clubs

  • Integrating and connecting with full-time students (both local and international) at various events

  • Traveling within the States; Not making any travel plans prior to exchange and traveling with local students

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