CAS '21 Keren Stearns

SA: CIEE Cape Town

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): CIEE Cape Town, South Africa

Ask me about...

  • Befriending locals and other exchange students

  • Hiking as a beginner

  • Exploring the amazing food-scene in Cape Town

  • Learning about the extreme hardships many South Africans face today, and connecting those hardships with the tragic history of Apartheid

  • Going to Robben Island and hearing from a former political prisoner

My Experience Abroad:

I'm a Criminology major minoring in Psychology. The University of Cape Town has outstanding offerings for virtually all academic areas of interest, and I was able to explore themes within my courses that I would not have had the chance to at Penn. For example, my professors connected themes in class to current events within Cape Town, many related to sociology and crime. I really appreciated and benefited from this unique perspective.

Other Highlights:

  • Making local friends through Chabad on Campus

  • Visiting three other countries in Southern Africa: Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

  • Going on a four-day safari with my family

  • Kayaking with African penguins in Simon’s Town

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