Wharton '21 Kristen McLaughlin

SA: University College Dublin

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): University College Dublin, Ireland

Ask me about...

  • Unique classes abroad--One of the most unique courses I took abroad was an archeology course which was field based. So, instead of meeting every week in a classroom we had two field trips which consisted of visiting three sites each. (Unfortunately the second field trip was cancelled due to covid-19). The field trip we did get to go to was a great experience and I got to visit three archaeology sites of Ireland which was a great unique opportunity.

My Experience Abroad:

During my term abroad I studied at the Lochlann Quinn School of Business at University College Dublin. While there, I got to take business courses I otherwise wouldn't have been able to at Penn such as Project Management and Investment and Portfolio Management, thus making me a more well-rounded business student.

Other Highlights:

  • The people were definitely the highlight. I got to live with nine people in my apartment from five different countries (the U.S., Spain, France, Denmark, and Italy), so I not only got to learn about the culture of the country I was living in but also those of other European countries.

  • Being able to travel to nine different countries in the two months in which I was in Europe

  • Immersing myself in the Irish culture

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