CAS '20 Laurel Jaffe

SA: Hellenic International Studies in the Arts

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Petition Program at Hellenic International Studies in the Arts, Greece

Ask me about...

  • Doing a petition program abroad. Studying abroad at a petitioned school with no other Penn students or any students I knew for that matter was a very new and different experience. I went into the program not sure what my apartment would look like, the other kids would be like, and even what the island environment was. However, all that uncertainty was washed away once I got to the island and met the other students. It was a really incredible experience to meet all new kids, professors, and locals. I am extremely grateful I had this new space to explore within.

  • Recruiting while abroad. I also did recruit abroad which was a wild adventure of doing video interviews and phone calls at crazy hours due to the time difference. However, I did get my dream internship in the end so definitely do not let that hold you back from applying abroad!

My Experience Abroad:

My time at the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts school was a truly incredible experience. There I was able to fully tap into my creative self through their plein air watercolor painting class, scene photography class, and utilize the location of the Cyclades Islands as the backdrop for my different film and photography ventures. This all really helped me grow my film craft and my knowledge of the medium. I am very excited to bring this back to my last year in Cinema and Media major courses.

Other Highlights:

  • Scuba diving in-between or during classes!

  • Meeting and becoming very close friends with a group of locals my age.

  • Getting to travel around Europe with a variety of my friends from home, Penn, camp, etc.

  • Solo travel around Europe

  • Getting to live on an island for a semester and focus on my writing and film projects.

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