Nursing '23 Linda Jiang

PGS: Exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • PGS: Exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ask me about...

  • Interacting with Thai locals using Thai, English, and Chinese

  • Going abroad as a first-generation low-income student

  • Staying in an airport hotel/being 40 minutes from the city

  • Doing two short-term abroad experiences (during finals week and winter break)

My Experience Abroad:

Despite growing up Chinese American and being surrounded by various forms of alternative medicine, before this course, I never fully understand these various modalities or their benefits. During the PGS: Traditional Chinese Medicine, I had the unique opportunity to travel to Thailand and shadow at various Traditional Chinese and Traditional Thai medicine clinics and hospitals. At these sites, I got to observe electroacupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and so much more. I also received hands-on experience by creating my own herbal tea (specific to my needs & desired benefits), learning to effectively perform gua sha on my classmates, and attempting qigong for the first time with Qigong Master Yin. Feeling the qi (or "energy") through this exercise made me realize that despite the absence of scientifically proven randomized control trials, the thousand-year history of the practice is living proof of its effectiveness, as well as perfect case studies. Alternative medicine emphasizes holistic care in the form of elements and qi. As a future nurse, I hope to incorporate these aspects of holistic care into my practice and recommend them to my future patients. Overall, this course taught me much more about alternative medicine which will greatly enhance my future nursing practice.

Other Highlights:

  • Making our own herbal tea, practicing gua sha, and then buying an herbal compress to use back at home

  • Shadowing at Traditional Thai and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics

  • Bargaining at the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market

  • Going on a boat ride on the Talingchan Floating Market

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