Wharton '21 Maddie Blake

SA: Comillas Pontifical University (ICADE)

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Comillas Pontifical University (ICADE)

Ask me about...

  • My experience in the direct-enroll program

  • Living in an apartment with roommates from the United States, Spain, and Switzerland

  • Planning weekend trips abroad independently for the first time

My Experience Abroad:

I came into my semester abroad with the academic goals of improving my Spanish and learning about the business world through a more international lens. Taking all of my classes in Spanish, while intimidating at first, did wonders for my skills, especially my auditory comprehension and speaking. Additionally, I was able to apply what I have learned at Wharton in a more global context, befriending local students and hearing their perspectives along the way.

For example, in my Estrategias Empresariales (Business Strategies) class, I recognized a few of the frameworks that I had learned about in MKTG101 and MGMT101.  Because I was taking the class abroad and in Spanish,  I was able to develop a deeper understanding of those introductory concepts and learn new frameworks by collaborating with a team of four local students to solve weekly cases about Spanish and European companies with which I was not previously familiar.

Other Highlights:

  • Exploring Madrid's countless coffee shops

  • Learning flamenco from professional dancers in Córdoba, Spain

  • Hiking 35,000 steps to see a castle in Sintra, Portugal

  • Attending a chocolate festival in Brussels, Belgium

  • Taking two overnight trains in Morocco

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