SEAS '21 Madison Jones

SA: Queen Mary

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Queen Mary, University of London

Ask me about...

  • Studying abroad as a sophomore. One unique aspect of my experience is that I chose to study abroad as a sophomore, whereas the majority of students do not go abroad until at least their junior year. Going abroad as a sophomore worked for me because I was not yet too entrenched in my studies at Penn, which gave me a lot of flexibility in choosing my abroad coursework. Furthermore, I could enjoy my time abroad without the fear of missing on-campus recruitment, Hey Day, or other major milestones. I would definitely encourage more students to go abroad in the spring of their sophomore year!

My Experience Abroad:

As a computer science major, I am given three free electives, which I decided to use during my time abroad to explore interests beyond engineering. My favorite course, Architecture in London, took us out on weekly site visits to learn about the city’s history through its buildings. What I liked most about this class is that it introduced me to lesser-known neighborhoods around London that I might have missed otherwise. By taking classes specific to the city where I was studying, I left London feeling incredibly connected to its history and culture. 

Other Highlights:

  • Seeing Meghan Markle's wedding dress on display in Windsor Castle

  • Visiting each of London's Royal Parks

  • Having the opportunity to travel throughout Europe

  • Watching Shakespeare's Henry V performed at the Global Theatre

  • Enjoying a delicious Afternoon Tea with my friends!

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