Wharton '20 Melinda Hu

SA: Tsinghua University

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Tsinghua University, China

Ask me about...

  • Being an American-born Chinese in China (identity crisis!)

  • Taking language classes and practicing the language in everyday life

  • Connecting with local students

  • All aspects of traveling to new places

  • Adapting to living in China

My Experience Abroad:

Having just taken WH297, which is the Industry Exploration Program to San Francisco's Tech Sector, I was able to experience the extraordinary advancements in technology and entrepreneurship in China while abroad in Beijing, one of the major cities for tech in China. Plus, as I was in the business school at Tsinghua, I was able to understand their approach to learning business.

Other Highlights:

  • Being able to connect with local students and international exchange students alike

  • Advancing my level in the country's language (Chinese)

  • Traveling to parts of China I never would've seen if not for study abroad (Chengdu, Tianjin, Kunming, Lijiang)

  • Experiencing a new way of life and a new environment

  • Taking chances and following the motto of "just do it!"

  • Attending a Penn alumni dinner at the Penn Wharton China Center

  • Learning the insides of a startup founded by a Penn alumnus in Beijing

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