Nursing, '19 Naomi Shapiro

SA: Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Nursing

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Nursing, Israel

Ask me about...

  • Gaining exposure to a healthcare system outside of America

My Experience Abroad:

I studied community nursing in Israel, instead of here at Penn. It was really interesting to see how the healthcare system works in Israel, in comparison to how the American system works. I learned about the many differences between the nursing role in Israel and in America.

This was my first exposure to a healthcare system outside of America. The Israeli system of healthcare is extremely different than the American system; certain aspects really shocked me. Other aspects are efficient and I strive to apply what I learned in Israel to my practice in America.

Other Highlights:

  • Israeli food is incredible. I have many recommendations.

  • I took many trips around Israel, and abroad in Europe as well.

  • Learning about how nursing works in countries outside of America.

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