SEAS, Year 2022 Natsu Ozawa

Natsu Ozawa
EAP: SEAS, Year 2022
From the University of Edinburgh

Ask Me About...

  • Starting or running a club at Penn

  • Computer science course selection

  • Anything Japan-related (eg: Boston Career Forum for Japanese careers)

My Experience at Penn:

My biggest academic highlight was taking the Engineering Entrepreneurship course. This is a superb program that covers extensively the most important aspects of starting a technology company. In every class, we learned at such a fast pace from numerous case studies, high-quality readings, financing worksheets, and guest speakers with real entrepreneurial experience. Not only did I gain an entrepreneurial mindset and could speak the startup language, but also  I felt that I was better prepared to shape my own future by using these skills even outside of entrepreneurship. My other classes at Penn were also very high quality, and I was engaged throughout the semester. I think Penn is easily one of the best places to learn for people like myself interested in exploring how technology can transform organizations and industries.

Other Highlights:

  • Running a product management club (Product Space at Penn)

  • Travelling to the west coast to see silicon valley and Seattle

  • Learning how to network

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