Exchange at Penn Correspondents Niamh Field

Portait of Niamh
College of Arts & Sciences, Academic Year 2022
from Queen Mary, University of London

Niamh Field is a junior from Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) studying Computer Science with Management. During her year at Penn, she is pursuing concentrations in cloud computing and game theory. She was born and grew up in Cardiff, Wales before moving to London to study at the London Academy of Excellence and QMUL. During her freshman year she was awarded the Tata Consultancy Digital Explorers Bursary, and, in her sophomore year, was a finalist at Airbus’ ‘Future Space Solutions’ competition at the National Student Space Conference. If she’s not too busy with class readings, she’s usually watching Tim Burton movies, playing piano in her college house mezzanine, or reading Japanese literature (Haruki Murakami in particular).

During her time at Penn, Niamh is hoping to:

  • See how accurate Pitch Perfect is about university life in America

  • Experience a Thanksgiving!

  • Attend an American football game

  • Explore some national parks and forests - we have those all around where I grew up, and it’s what I’m going to be missing the most

  • Making some life-long friends – and hopefully convince them to come and visit me in London after my year is up :)