CAS '20 Nicole Posadas

SA: National University of Singapore
GRIP: Intern in Australia

Programs Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): National University of Singapore

  • Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP): Smart Approved Watermark Intern in Sydney, Australia

Ask me about...

  • Studying abroad as a first-generation, low-income student

  • How to budget for traveling around Southeast Asia

  • Singaporean social etiquettes

  • Taking fieldwork-related courses

  • Adapting to a multicultural society with occasional language barriers

  • Being the only Penn student to study abroad at a university of choice for a semester

My Experience Abroad:

I chose to study abroad in Singapore because I was fascinated by the country's garden city views and urban sustainability. As an Earth Science major, I was eager to learn about Singapore's biodiverse landscape and to complete a research-related course that would prepare me for my senior thesis. Thus, enrolling in classes, such as a biodiversity course and ecology course, took me outside of the classroom and into beaches, parks, and ponds to study plants and organisms firsthand as I had hoped. Another course titled "Doing Research in Southeast Asia" even brought me to Thailand to pursue a research topic of my choice: animal welfare in conservation organizations.

Other Highlights:

  • Traveling to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan

  • Experiencing Chinese New Year in Singapore with new friends

  • Meeting members of the Urak Lawoi community in Thailand and learning some Thai phrases

  • Visiting the beautiful Phi Phi Islands

  • Attending TedxNUS and other invitational speaker events

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