CAS, Fall 2018 Qiyuan Jia

EAP: CAS, Fall 2018
From the University of Melbourne

My Experience at Penn:

My experience at Penn has been beyond what I can describe, always engaging, inspiring and refreshing. I love every single subject which transforms me academically and you could never imagine how approachable these professors are. Also, for exchange students, the career centre is out there for you to help you in your career path.

Professors are more than awesome. I love how Professor Stephan Dieckmann always turns a Fixed Income Securities class into a musical performance, all the rates become musical notations, term structures staff, and himself a great conductor impressing us, the audience, with his flair and knowledge, making us want to be his musicians together creating great pieces. I love how Professor Warren Ewens always calls us ‘folks’  and makes Mathematical Statistics as interesting as possible with his impeccable logic flow. The way he conducts the course makes anyone understand and fall in love with Mathematics. His pure passion and humor always shine through. I also love how we have such a small class in Beginning Cantonese where we had celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival together and this class makes me feel as if we are family. I am lost for words for Corporate Valuation, of course, as the great abundance of details and database resources embedded in this course builds an amazing linkage between the real world and the classroom.

I remember one day during New Student Orientation I called up eight exchange students, from Germany, Spain, China, South Africa, and France to come to my friend’s dorm and I taught all of them how to make dumplings; I remember every night I discussed political, economic and humanitarian issues in the context of the United States, China, Australia, and France with my lovely French roommate; I remember each lunchtime talking about our views on life philosophies and morals with my Chinese friends. This experience so far is beyond expectation and description. I added more than 100 people in any kind of social media account and met those I potentially will remain lifelong friends with. And I became an executive in the business development department of CSSAP signing sponsorships, holding career events, and organizing fun activities.



  • Academic study

  • Engaging in student life

  • Joining different student clubs

  • Going to parties and formals

  • Meeting new people and forming life-long friendships

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