SEAS '23 Ricardo Del Rio

SA: ETH Zurich, Switzerland


  • SA: ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Ask me about...

  • Studying abroad in a European schedule and fitting an internship in the US.

  • Fitting study abroad with an accelerated masters.

  • Getting classes counted in the SEAS, especially the ESE department.

My Experience Abroad:

During my semester abroad, I took very interesting classes related to my major that intersect with my master's studies on hardware accelerators for machine learning. I also enjoyed seminars on autonomous drone control which is directly related to my interest in autonomous devices and systems. I took part in a datathon where we developed a solution to a real-world problem using Machine Learning. I was also able to explore new topics by taking classes and seminars on Human-Computer Interaction and Quantum Computing.

Other Highlights:

  • Hiking and skiing in the Swiss Alps was just incredible. It made me feel so small yet so powerful and helped me put things in perspective.

  • Getting to live the European lifestyle in a very organized, clean, and punctual city gave me a different perspective of life.

  • Interacting with people from a majority Germanic culture helped me to understand how they work, think, and live.

  • Assembling a 14-person team for a 114K stafette run around Zurich helped me to reach out to people I didn't know and I would've not met otherwise.

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