College '23 Sarah Diaz

Sarah Diaz
SA: University of Cambridge, Pembroke College, UK
GRIP: Social Sciences and Humanities Research in Auckland, New Zealand (Remote)


  • SA: University of Cambridge, Pembroke College, UK

  • GRIP: Social Sciences and Humanities Research in Auckland, New Zealand (Remote)

Ask me about...

  • I think the fact that I have both in-person and remote experiences is quite unique as I have had to adapt to these very different ways of learning and working, especially as remote working is becoming more popular.

  • Being abroad for the first time in my life, both the fears and joys that living in a new place will probably bring about in many people.

  • Having done two different experiences with Penn Abroad–a summer internship as well as a semester-long program studying abroad.

  • Specifically for those interested in Oxford or Cambridge, I can also provide some insight into their similar course structures, which are not very common.

  • Also, as a highly aided student, I'd really like to encourage other financially insecure students to take these opportunities.

My Experience Abroad:

My first experience with Penn Abroad was during the summer of 2020 when I was able to work with both an art history professor at the University of Auckland and the Auckland Art Gallery, helping with the creation of two exhibitions shown at the gallery. This experience was especially important to me as it introduced me to the more practical and working aspects of my major, Art History, and really cemented my desire to work in a museum/gallery setting.

My most recent experience studying abroad in the UK was also influential. I was finally able to take a course in my concentration, modern and contemporary Latin American art. Through this class, I was able to meet and learn about leading art historians in the field, helping me feel more comfortable about the field in which I hope to enter. Additionally, the rigorous nature of the class as well as its unique supervision system has helped me tremendously in improving my writing and research skills.

I find both programs to be invaluable in my journey here at Penn and in general as they have helped mature my academic career and helped me figure out what I truly wish to pursue in my professional and academic future.

Other Highlights:

  • Immersing myself in different cultures.

  • Meeting the locals and being able to participate in their customs.

  • Being able to gain both academic and professional experience in my area of study.

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