Wharton '20 Serena Wen

SA: Bocconi University

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Bocconi University, Italy

Ask me about...

  • Navigating the attending vs. non-attending class system

  • Social aspect/getting to know local students

  • Accommodation in Milan

  • Getting medical care abroad

  • Traveling during the semester

My Experience Abroad:

I have been taking Italian classes since the beginning of my freshman year. Naturally, when choosing a study abroad program, I specifically looked for programs in Italy that can help me immerse in the language environment. I also had a lot of Wharton requirements to fulfill and the Bocconi program was perfect because almost every class there can automatically count towards the "Business Breadth" requirement.

Milan was also the perfect location in the sense that it is quite literally in the center of Europe, and as an international hub, it's super easy to travel from any of its three airports. It really let us take full advantage of all the budget airlines in Europe for quick weekend trips.

Other Highlights:

  • Found the best gelato in Italy

  • Spending my semester with friends from all parts of Italy and the world

  • Celebrity sightings during Milan Fashion Week

  • Explored all the major cities and areas of Italy, and visited nearby countries

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