Wharton '23 Sharon Luo

SA: Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


  • SA: Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Ask me about...

  • Going abroad knowing nobody

  • Learning a new language

  • Planning trips around Europe

My Experience Abroad:

My semester at Copenhagen Business School allowed me to explore business interests outside my concentrations, specifically sustainability and entrepreneurship. It was meaningful to take classes about these topics through a Danish lens because Denmark has a reputation for being a sustainability leader and having a robust startup ecosystem in Europe. Additionally, meeting students from vastly different societies from the US (with universal healthcare, free or inexpensive higher education, lower income inequality, and higher taxation) and comparing and contrasting our experiences growing up was incredible. Those discussions opened my eyes to different perspectives and helped me discover more about myself while abroad.

Other Highlights:

  • Making friends from around the world and traveling together

  • Exploring a new city or country almost every weekend

  • Taking my first oral final exam completely in Danish

  • Discovering the best views and bakeries in Copenhagen

  • Taking a solo trip for the first time – and feeling empowered by that adventure!

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